The GTVs



Recording New 7" for Hidden Volume Records This Weekend!

This weekend, we go into the studio with James Everhart and Will Donnelly from Low Cut Connie to record a new 7" Single for Hidden Volume Records!  Hidden Volume is a fab new label helmed by Scott Sugiuchi, formerly of legendary Orlando garage band The Hatebombs, and currently of Baltimore garage heroes The Stents.


From Hidden Volume's promo one-sheet, all you need to know about this boss label:


Hidden Volume Records is dedicated to preserving the sound of NOW. Garage, psych, exotic, raw, primitive and anything else that falls between the cracks. All delivered on a tiny vinyl slab. Established in A.D. 2011 with the release of The Stents “Meet Mike Hate” single, the label began in earnest in 2013 with the release of The Ar-Kaics “Sick & Tired” limited edition seven inch. An avalanche of records has followed ranging from frustrated teen punk (Sick Thoughts) to Byrdsian psych (The Belltowers). The label prides itself on exquisite packaging and an undying enthusiasm for the music and making sure EVERYONE knows.


Scott Sugiuchi (The Hate Bombs/The Stents) runs most things at the label including all communications and design. Ken Chiodini (The Hate Bombs) is Master of Shipping and the other part of the collective HiVo Brain Trust. 2014 saw the release of 9 singles, 2015 has at least 5 records slated for the first half of the year with releases from The Noble Krell (produced by Timothy Gassen), The Routes, The Stents/The Improbables split single, DD Owen (Drew from Sick Thoughts), Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness and The GTVs.



  • HV001 The Stents “Meet Mike Hate” b/w “JPF”
  • HV002 The Stents “Limbs” b/w “Rodeo”
  • HV003 The Delusionaires “The Scrump” b/w “The Worm Whispers”
  • HV004 The BellTowers “No Matter” b/w “She’s Gone” SOLD OUT
  • HV005 The Ar-Kaics “Sick & Tired” b/w “Cut Me Down” SOLD OUT
  • HV007 Sick Thoughts “I Got Hands” b/w “I’m Tired of You” SOLD OUT
  • HV008 The Improbables “Bad Vibrations” b/w “Giving You a Key”
  • HV009 Quitty & The Don’ts “Running Out of Time” b/w “(She’s Gonna)Break Your Heart”
  • HV0010 The Whiskey Daredevils “Don’t Talk to Connie” b/w “Please Stop Hitting Connie”
  • HV0011 The Insomniacs “Today’s The Way” b/w “Mr. Yesterday”
  • HV0013 The Noble Krell “Never Ever” b/w “Beware The Noble Krell” (FEB 2015)